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Scorpio is the eighth Sign of the zodiac. You love to fight and you are very intense. You are born strong, aggressive, passionate and commanding. You are also very loyal and ambitious. You can be vengeful if you are wronged. You may have many enemies as you have strong opinions on everything under the Sun, to the point of being considered as fanatics. You are secretive in nature and you are interested in the occult. You are impressive, strong-minded but you also do not compromise for any matter in life.


Sanskrit Name: Vrishchika

Meaning of Name: The Scorpion

Type: Water-Fixed-Negative

Ruling Planet: Mars

Rules: Reproductive Organs

Lucky Days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Lucky Numbers are 3, 9, 4,1, 2 and 7.

Lucky Colors are Yellow, Red, Orange and Cream.