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Aries is the first Sign of the zodiac. You are trailblazers, passionate, independent and competitive and you love to win. You are very loyal but impulsive, aggressive, impatient and adamant. You are frank and outspoken and may seem rude at times. You get angry quickly and can be quite aggressive. Your courage, ambition and determination are unmatched. You move fast and have quick-thinking. You are industrious. You are ambitions, generous, independent, courageous and enthusiastic and you look out every relationship openhandedly, especially friendship. Sometimes, you are also impatient and moody and get annoyed easily because of your short-temper nature.


Sanskrit Name: Mesh

Meaning of Name: Ram

Type: Fire-Courageous-Ambitious

Ruling Planet: Mars

Rules: Head and Face

Lucky Days are Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.

Lucky Numbers are 9, 8 and 6.

Lucky Colors are Blue and Blue-Green.