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2 Mukhi Round Rudraksha

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The Two Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha is a rare one. The Java Two Mukhi and Haridwar ones are more easily available. The Two Mukhi Rudraksha reduces the malefic effects of the Moon from your chart. It is known to boost self-confidence and helps in wavering mind and mood swings. Hence it is very useful for people seeking strong and stable relationships. It blesses you with a balanced countenance, removes depression and helps you to take right decisions very promptly. A Two Mukhi Rudraksha is best to place in the house or place of worship for a harmonious relationship. Those who have Grahan Dosham and Gandamool Nakshatra must wear this.


During Pradosh or Chandra Grahan, you can worship the Two Mukhi Rudraksha to get most auspicious results of moon in your chart. This Rudraksha can give you great concentration in studies and work, can boost the relationship with your mother or mother-in-law, can help you in having more peaceful life as well.


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